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Our Care Ministry is a team of experienced and dedicated volunteers who provide support, prayer, guidance, and assistance to the individuals and families of Cornerstone Church.

We are here to come alongside you in every season of life; celebrating special milestones, and/or providing care through challenging seasons.

Helping you navigate life, no matter the circumstance.

We all go through challenging circumstances, transitions, relational pain, and difficult seasons of life. At some time or another, everyone needs a little help.

Help starts here.

Our Care Ministers are ready to speak with you or answer your questions. They will hear your story, pray with you, and help you choose practical next steps.

How do I connect with a Care Minister?

Below are our Care Ministers per their geographical area.

Care Ministers

David & Pam Abernathy

Areas Served: Downtown/Rowan Reginal

Email David, Pam

Michael & Valarie Propst

Areas Served: Innes Street Market Area

Email Michael or Valarie

Matthew & Lisa Simmons

Areas Served: South Salisbury

Email Matthew or Lisa

Cindy Johnson

Areas Served: Webb Road Area

Email Cindy



This ministry serves to offer prayer and support to the members and attendees of Cornerstone Church. We are committed to the power of prayer and encourage you to give our team the opportunity to lift you up in prayer. Our mission is to make dependence on God through prayer foundational to our church.

If you have a prayer request, please fill out your request below. Our prayer team receives each request and will be praying for you.

Thank you for allowing us to pray for you. God Bless!


Submit a Prayer Request



Recommended Reading


  • We Still Kiss – Jeff Richardson
  • Joy That Lasts – Gary Smalley
  • Red, Hot Monogamy – Bill & Pam Farrel
  • Men Are Waffles, Women Are Spaghetti – Bill & Pam Farrel

Fear / Anxiety

  • Breaking The Cycle – James Richardson
  • Fearless – Max Lucado


  • Grace: The Power To Change – James Richardson
  • Change Your Mind And Your Life Will Follow – Karen Casey
  • You Have It In You – Sheryl Brady


  • How To Stop The Pain – James Richardson
  • Do Yourself a Favor, Forgive – Joyce Meyer
  • Let Go – T.D. Jakes


  • Soul Detox – Craig Groeschel
  • Divine Healing – Andrew Murray

Email us for more information